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Meet Timbre Technologies, Inc.

Proprietary high energy particle sensor technology

About our Business

Timbre was founded by a world class team of experts in the fields of physics, electrical engineering and supercomputing. The team has led complex research and projects at some of the leading research facilities. 


Over the past five years we have been solidifying our disruptive technology that uses a patented resonant cavity sensor acting as a nano cavity semiconductor to detect and measure high energy particles (radiation) with a single photon event in a more accurate, expedient and cost effective way than traditional methods. 


Our unique direct conversion of gamma avoids the challenges of scintillation and has the ability to dramatically decrease scan times (20 picoseconds) and provide superior energy resolution. Our cavity is also designed to be resonant at a millimeter wave. 


Please contact us (see Contact Information below) to learn more about our disruptive technology and its commercial applications. 




Live high speed camera scans of Hard Xrays, Gamma and Neutron flux


Medical Imaging + Therapeutic Radiological Intervention 

Our sensor is 10x's smaller than traditional options, allowing for higher resolution and reduction of patient time and discomfort in the scan process.


Early Warning + Threat  Deterence

Fast and accurate detection of out of the ordinary background readings


Personnel  Safety + Dosimetry

Fast sensing of specific Isotopes for early detection; always on low power; accurate updates of personal dose rate and exposure

Meet the Team

Philip D. Schiff, JD

Chief Executive Officer

James R. Pogge, PhD

Chief Product/Technical Officer


Saeed Assadi, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


John Brice, MM

Chief Growth Officer

Stephen L. Scott, PhD

Founder (In Memorium)

Get in Touch

Timbre is now engaged in commercialization efforts of our sensor technology and fielding inquiries of interest from strategic partners.

Philip D. Schiff / CEO


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